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James   Faria

Proud President

1973 - Greek Life Established on the UCI Campus 

        - Phi Delta Theta one of three fraternities to      

           establish the Greek Community 

1975 - Phi Delta Theta Chartered 

2012 - Restablished the colony at UCI

2013-  California Theta Charter Reinstated 


As of today California Theta is a chapter sitting on the top half of Fraternities in academics and overall ranking. Members of Phi Delt at UC Irvine are involved in research, internships, clubs & student organizations and other aspects of campus life. Brothers of Cal-Theta are gaining real life work experience while still exploring different avenues provided by the University to develop a stronger more diverse skill set. This mindset keeps the chapter driven to what they are passionate about not only in our chapter but in real life as well.





05/17/2003 -Recruitment Recognition Award

01/01/2001- Recruitment Recognition Award

01/01/2000 - Improvement Citation

01/01/2000 - Recruitment Recognition Award

01/01/1995 - GHQ Trophy

01/01/1993 - Community Service Citation

01/01/1990#1 - Scholarship Award

01/01/1987 - Gold Star Award

01/01/1987#1- Scholarship Award

01/01/1986 - Gold Star Award

01/01/1986#1 - Scholarship Award

01/01/1985 - Gold Star Award

01/01/1985#1- Scholarship Award

01/01/1983 - Gold Star Award

01/01/1978 - Gold Star Award

01/01/1978 - GHQ Trophy

01/01/1978 - Community Service Citation

01/01/1976 - Improvement Citation

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